Environmental Policy

Avron House


* Throughout the Guesthouse we use motion sensor lighting with low-energy bulbs.
* We do not leave appliances on stand-by, and would ask guests to also switch off electrical equipment in their rooms when they are not being used (e.g. TV, showers, phone or shaver chargers).
* Our heating system and water heaters are regularly serviced to ensure they are working effectively and efficiently. All radiators are fitted with thermostats.
* Avron House is connected to a water meter to help us monitor our water usage. In order to save water we have water butts located around the property, and plan to add more during the winter months. Our en-suites are all shower rooms. Please use water wisely during your stay.
* All the toilets are gradually being replaced with modern, dual-flush cisterns which hold less water.
* Our linen policy is that towels are changed every three days and sheets are changed every five days to reduce the amount of water used and detergents going into our watercourses. Guests are given the option of placing towels in the shower tray if they would like them changed more regularly.
* Where possible, any business trips are carried out at the same time as personal trips to reduce unnecessary travelling in the car. If our destination is within walking distance, then we walk. A good way of keeping us fit!
* We also encourage our guests to walk to local destinations. Free walking maps to Torquay town centre and Babbacombe are available in the room guides! Bus timetables are also in our room guides and we can advise on railway times.


* In order to cut down on products with waste packaging, the individual toiletries supplied in rooms will be replaced with hand pump dispensers containing liquid soap, shampoo and shower gel.
* We source our products from local suppliers where possible.
* Scrap paper is used for taking telephone messages and for note pads.
* We recycle glass, paper, cans and cardboard. If the items are not collected by the Local Authority then we take them to the recycling centre in Paignton. If you have any items that can be recycled please leave them by the bin in your room and shall recycle for you.
* We compost food waste in our garden composter and the local birds benefit from your left over toast and bacon rind.
* We recycle carrier bags if possible, so you may find them lining the bin in your room.


* We are a non-smoking establishment.
* We only use our car when absolutely necessary, and try to combine business and personal journeys. We encourage our guests to walk if possible or use public transport. Various buses stop on St Marychurch Road, Hatfield Road, Bronshill Road and, further up, on Windsor Road.
* We have plants in the breakfast room to help keep the air clean.


It is our intention to create a natural habitat for birds and insects by the right choice of plants and bird feeding areas.

In the rear garden we have a bird table which proves to be very popular with robins, sparrows, blackbirds and the like along with a bird bath. In the front garden there's a small pond with resident goldfish.

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